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Allergic Rhinitis: Symptoms, General Measures in homeopathy

A person can develop allergic symptoms when their immune system over reacts whenever the body comes in contact with an allergen. If the immune system is oversensitive it will react to allergens by producing antibodies to fight with them. Antibodies make the cells to release some chemicals including histamine. Histamine cause the mucus membrane to become inflamed and produce excess

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Piles/ Haemorrhoids- Causes, Symptoms and Management

Haemorrhoids are dilated veins within the anal canal. It presents as a mass/lump/soft swelling. Whenever inflamed it becomes painful and starts bleeding .They are generally classified into two categories Internal External Internal haemorrhoids are mass or lump within the anal canal. It is covered with mucus membrane. External haemorrhoids are lump or mass outside the anal canal. It is covered with skin.

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Constipation – Causes and Complications

Constipation: Constipation is defined as having difficulty emptying the bowels usually associated with hardened feces. It causes slower movement of food waste through the digestive tract. The amount of bowel movement is flexible. Therefore, unless there are less than three bowel movements in a week accompanied by dry, hard and painful eliminations, the condition is not considered as constipation. Causes

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Nipah virus: Symptoms and Prevention Tips

Nipah virus infection is the deadly disease caused by Nipah virus hosting by the fruit-eating bats. This diseases was already affected people in Malaysia, killed 100 people and now it starting to affect in India, the origin of Nipah virus was not yet found exactly. Recently, the world health organization reported that Nipah virus has infected 18 people and killed

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International women’s day 2018- History, colour, theme, tips for women to stay strong in life

International women’s day 2018 (IWD) International women’s day is celebrating in many countries to commemorate women’s significance towards world. Women as a mother, sister, wife, friend, colleague delivers incredible talent, love and affection without any expectations. It is our response to celebrate women’s dignity and help her nurture the power. Women have the ability to handle any critical situation in

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