Eat The Rainbow | Seven Colorful Foods for Seven Days to Eat

Most of us have a habit of taking resolution every year as to joining a gym and maintain diet food to keep them as healthier. But we know the fact; it expires in next few days! How can we stop our taste buds when colorful foods are on the dinner table? The Answer comes from everyone would definitely be “NO”. Yeah! No one can control their love towards a colorful food. Let’s see how we can choose healthy and colorful foods throughout the week. Eat ‘Rainbow color food’ in a week and Schedule one color per day.

We scheduled 7 color fruits and Vegetables in 7 days. We are happy to let you know the health benefits of fruits and vegetables by its color.

1. Sunday Food – Red Color Fruit and Vegetables

Red is a color of Sun, so it is for Sunday. Red is a color of Heart, so it is good for Heart health. Red is a color of blood, so it is essential for blood. In general, Red color fruits and vegetables are always high in anti-oxidant property, which has the property like guard us against cancer. Red fruits and vegetables like Tomatoes, Apples, Beets, and Cherries are rich in anti-oxidant and fight radicals produced in the tissue molecules.

Recommended Red food diet for Sunday

  • Breakfast : Salad with Tomatoes
  • Meals : Beets
  • Dinner : Cherries or Strawberry

2. Monday Food – Purple/Blue Color Fruit and Vegetables

Purple is generally called as a girl’s favorite color because naturally they get attracted towards purple color. Hence, Purple color fruits and vegetables are the best foods for menstrual cramps and irregular period’s problems. They too have high anti-oxidant property and anthocyanin content, which gives the purple color to the fruit or vegetable. The fruits like blueberries, grapes, pomegranates are very rich in anthocyanin content. Figs are rich with calcium content and most recommended for weight loss.

Recommended Red food diet for Monday

  • Breakfast : Plums or Fig Juice
  • Meals : Egg Plant or Raisins
  • Dinner : Prunes or Grape juice

3. Tuesday Food – Orange Color Fruit and Vegetables

Orange is always a special color for all; it is a color of the eye. Hence Orange-colored fruits and vegetables are essential for our eyes. Orange foods are rich in carotenoids. It is essential for eyesight. Vitamin A is the power bank of orange foods. The orange veggies like carrot, pumpkins, and fruits like orange and papaya are so good for eye vision. Orange foods also filled up with magnesium and vitamin c, which helps to increase the sperm counts and reduce the birth defects.

Recommended Red food diet for Tuesday

  • Breakfast : Pears or Papaya juice
  • Meals : Carrot Juice or Pumpkin breads
  • Dinner : Carrot salad

4. Wednesday Food

Wednesday you can be scheduled with non-veg healthier foods like eggs and chicken for protein content. That so we generally fix the mid of the week as non-veg diet day.

Add dry fruits and fresh fruits as daily part of food to maintain healthy body.

5. Thursday Food – Green Color Fruit and Vegetables

Green is a color of nature; hence it is healthy for the body. Green is a color of peace; hence it is good for body heat and mental problems. The Green color of the food comes from the ‘chlorophyll’. It is because of the photosynthesis process by the plant. Green color foods are mostly leafy foods like spinach, cabbage, parsley, Broccoli etc., Green foods are rich in potassium, Vitamin k, folic acid etc., and they are the super food for humans. Green fruits like green apple, cucumber, Kiwi are called summer fruits because they reduce body temper and helps to control heat stroke, stress, insomnia etc.

Recommended Red food diet for Thursday

  • Breakfast : Green Apple or Cucumber Juice
  • Meals : Spinach or Broccoli or Cabbage foods
  • Dinner : Kiwi and Parsley foods

6. Friday Food – Yellow Color Fruit and Vegetables

Yellow is the color of brightness, hence it is good for eye and eyesight. Like orange-colored foods, yellow colored foods are also rich in carotenoids or beta-carotenoids. Taking fruits like lemon, Mangoes, Pineapple reduces the body heat during summer. Vegetables like corn, squash, and pumpkins are good fiber foods and help to maintain body weight. Moreover, they contain unsaturated fats which are too good for healthy skin and heart.

Recommended Red diet food for Friday

  • Breakfast : Lemon or Mango juice
  • Meals : Pumpkin or Corn or Squash foods
  • Dinner : Sweet potatoes or Yellow Apples

7. Saturday Food – White Color Fruit and Vegetables

Saturday is a party day; hence white foods can save you from next day headaches. White foods like Milk, Oat, Yogurt, Cauliflower, Garlic, Onions, and Mushrooms are filled with energies in the form of allicin. They have the medicinal property like lowering cholesterol and blood pressure symptoms. The fruits like Banana and Turnips are the power bank for Potassium and Magnesium. They protect our body from bacterial infections. Another major property of white foods is ‘probiotics‘, which promotes digestive and immune power.

Recommended Red diet food for Saturday

  • Breakfast : Banana salad or Milkshake or Oats
  • Meals : Mushrooms or Yogurt or Onion
  • Dinner : Garlic or Milk or Cauliflower foods

General tip : if you are taking homeopathy treatment you can eat homeopathy medicine before meals.

Foods are the natural medicines to keep us healthy and safeguard from many diseases. Have healthy food diet daily to stay healthy.