Simple and easy way of getting regular periods naturally | Home Remedies

Irregular periods are the problem of many women nowadays because of the daily living lifestyle and foods. Regular periods come after every 28 days. It removes the toxins present in the body through the periods bleeding. Healthy women would get periods in 28 days once, if this menstruation cycle fluctuates, periods will come too late or come early and less bleeding (Hypo menorrhea), high bleeding menorrhagia.

Reason for irregular periods

  • Hormone imbalance like progesterone and estrogen
  • Obesity
  • Stress or emotions
  • Bad food diet
  • Birth control pills
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
  • Thyroid disorders

How to get regular periods naturally

Natural ways of getting regular menstruation cycle habitually every 28 -32 days. By doing these home remedies,

Eat healthy-Get regular periods

Food is the main part of maintaining regular menstruation cycle for every 28 days. Take healthy foods as a daily routine to get periods of 28 days cycle. Overeating of junk foods fat contained foods increases body weight disturbed regular periods. Even though, irregular periods in teenagers occur due not eating many calories, excessive exercise. So that takes enough healthy foods, avoid skipping foods, a simple exercise is much enough for getting periods immediately. These are the common foods for irregular periods.

Sweet Papaya-regular periods

Papaya is an excellent source of getting periods as fast as possible.consume 2 to 3 pieces of papaya in a day or takes papaya juice to get periods earlier. Papaya is good natural medicine for irregular periods. Estrogen level is stimulated by the carotenoids present in the papaya. It softens the uterus and removes uterus lining. These are the natural way to get periods immediately.

papaya for periods

Blood colour Pomegranate seeds-regular periods

Pomegranate has a high concentration of vitamin c. The vitamins c fruits like orange, lemon can produce estrogen which helps to induce the menstruation periods. If you start to take pomegranate juice or raw fruit, you will feel the change in your periods like long periods and increase the flow of period.

pomegranate for irregular periods

Cumin (Kitchen spice) -regular periods

Cumin is also good source for treating menstrual cramps and irregular periods. It increases the blood circulation and induces periods. Consume soaked cumin with boiled water to menstrual problems and avoids struggling in the blood flow.

Cumin seeds or caraway in white spoon on wooden board

Pungent odour and spicy Ginger-regular periods

Ginger has gingerol and rhizome, anti inflammation property. Ginger has the ability to bring periods early. Ginger tea with honey acts as a best painkiller for women with menstrual cramps. Ginger is recommended for menstrual cramps and irregular periods.

spciy ginger for periods

Sugary Dates and pineapple-regular periods

Dates and pineapple can induce body heat which helps to relax the abdomen muscles and stimulate menstruation hormones to occur early. Pineapple and dates used to get periods immediately.

pineapple for periods

These are the general foods you could add to your daily diet. Additionally, take protein rich foods in your foods wheat, parsley, oat meals, beans, peas, soybeans.

Reduce body weight-regular periods

Maintain your metabolism in your body by drinking adding more proteins, fiber, vitamin C foods. Drink enough water to stay fit. Estrogen production will be low if women getting overweight that make irregular periods

Manage stress-regular periods

Stress has the important in menstruation periods. Women who stressed more will get delayed or missed periods. Stress, emotions, tension, anxiety, insomnia can induce the stress hormone cortisol to interfere with menstrual hormones for late periods.

Exercise and yoga-regular periods

Exercise is the physical activity which relaxes your abdominal muscles tends to occur periods soon. Do some simple daily exercises to get periods immediately like sit ups, walking, yoga which also keep your mind peaceful, lose body weight and reduce stress.

exercise for periods

Homeopathic medicine for irregular periods

Homeopathy medicine has more advantages than conventional medicine. It cures irregular in a natural way without any harmful effects. Sepia, Lachesis Pulsatilla is the homeopathic remedies for irregular periods. Avoid using harmful tablets to get periods immediately. Use homeopathic medicine for menstrual problems to avoid reoccurrence of irregular periods.

Homeopathy for irregular periods is non-invasive, holistic approach. An experienced and professional homeopath can treat irregular periods easily than expecting and solve menstruation problems.