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Asthma is a condition in which a person’s airways become inflamed, narrow and swell, and produce extra mucus which results in breathing difficulty.


  • Difficult/rapid breathing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Cough
  • Chest tightness


  • Pollens
  • Changes in weather
  • Dust
  • Smoke
  • Perfumes
  • Pet animals
  • Cigarette smoking

Homoeopathic treatment

Conventional Treatment

Dilates bronchial tubes Dilates bronchial tubes
Reduces inflammation Reduces inflammation
Eradicates the cause of asthma
Treats not only the affected organs and its symptoms but also removes the cause/allergens Treats only the affected organ and its symptoms
Permanent cure Temporary relief
Specific remedy for each person selected on the basis of both physical and mental generals Common medicines prescribed to all persons
Natural/potentized medicines Synthetic/concentrated medicines
Nil side effects Chain of side effects

Treatment Prognosis:

  • Decrease in intensity and periodicity of breathlessness and cough soon after taking pills
  • Acute attacks become less severe and less frequent on the course of treatment
  • Treatments helps in desensitizing the allergens, known allergens when exposed to will not produce any symptoms

Diet and Lifestyle Changes:

  • Avoid cold foods
  • Do exercise regularly
  • Eat healthy food
  • Stop smoking
  • Do things that make you happy and relaxed

Other Respiratory Disorders:

  • Allergic Bronchitis

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